Dan Costa records “Skyness” at Arte Suono studios in Italy, an invitation to outer harmony and inner peace. It features US sax player Seamus Blake, Brazilian flute player Teco Cardoso, Brazilian bassist Jorge Helder and Portuguese guitarist Custodio Castelo as well as Brazilian guitarists Nelson Faria, Romero Lubambo and Roberto Menescal, paying homage to Bossa Nova on its 60th anniversary. The album takes the listener on a journey inspired by the sky and its unifying strength, reflecting ideals of open-mindedness and embracing European classical music, American Jazz, Brazilian instrumental music, Portuguese Fado and Spanish Flamenco. It is also an ode to the idyllic Cycladic islands in Greece, where most of the tracks were written.

Down Beat Magazine

" Costa's melodic sensibility shines throughout" - ★★★★

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All About Jazz

" A deep awareness of touch and tone" - ★★★★½

Huffington Post

"I’ve always seen music as a means of transposing life experience into a language that is - to an extent - universal"