Dan Costa presents Suite Três Rios, an original jazz / world music project which reflects the convergence of various cultural influences. Recorded in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in January 2016it recaptures the essence of Brazilian rhythms, with shades of jazz and classical music. It features renowned performers such as cellist Jaques Morelenbaum, sax player Teco Cardoso and singer Leila Pinheiro.


“…Brazilian jazz, like its American counterpart, has fondly remembered its roots as it unabashedly moves forward” – All About Jazz ★★★½


“Costa’s melodic sensibility shines throughout” – Downbeat ★★★


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“Bem bonita sua música Dan” – Leila Pinheiro

“Beautiful Music Dan”



“Realmente gostei da sua musicalidade, apuro e estilo de composição. Sinto-me orgulhoso de poder colaborar nesta pitada de beleza que aqui se dá ao mundo e às suas pessoas” – Jaques Morelenbaum

“I really enjoyed your musicality, refinement and compositional style. I feel proud to be able to collaborate on this touch of beauty that is given to the world and its people” – Jaques Morelenbaum 



“Parabéns pelo bom gosto nos solos de piano e composições avançadas” – Toninho Horta

“Congratulations for your good taste in piano soloing and for your advanced compositions” – Toninho Horta 



” Very nice!” – Kevin Hays



“Deixe-me dizer-lhe que toca piano prodigiosamente e compõe com a mesma magnitude” – Dulce Pontes

“Allow me to tell you that you play piano prodigiously and compose with the same magnitude”



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“Suite Três Rios – Aria”

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